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I find ur shareware very valuable and helpful and found that it was the only shareware with this capabilities in the market.

Keep on developing that way for the good of all of us.

Laurent Palayer



XLReportGen is a powerful and flexible reporting solution, and the most cost effective.

Looking for a powerful and flexible report tool that's easy to use, cost effective and extract data from any database? Microsoft ® Office is your choice. XLReportGen enables Microsoft Excel ® to be powerful and flexible reporting tool.

XLReportGen 5.2
XLReportGen - Excel report generator

XLReportGen is a report generator for Microsoft Excel that outputs reports in Microsoft Excel spreadsheet format. It has a GUI for end users.

Use Microsoft Excel as your reporting tool.

Easy to use. Just Microsoft Excel and SQL.

Powerful and flexible. Microsoft Excel is powerful and flexible.

Saves money. Do not need to buy extra costly reporting tools.

Saves time. Reduce development time and training time.

Improves productivity. Reports are in familiar formats.

For various users: IT users, business users and developers.


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