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Excel Report Template - Sales Detail

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Excel Report Template - Sales Detail

Function and SQL

Name: $ReportMonth
Format: YYYY-MM

/* BeginDate and EndDate */
@F1=NAME(NAME=BeginDate, EndDate)
SELECT DateSerial(Year('$ReportMonth-01'), MONTH('$ReportMonth-01'),1)
	Year('$ReportMonth-01'), MONTH('$ReportMonth-01'),1)))

/* Sales Detail */
@F2=REPORT(sheet="Sales Detail" 
	group=1,2,3 grouprange=5:17 group=4,5,6,7,8,9 
	grouprange=8:16 pagebreak = 1g)
SELECT c.CompanyName AS Customer
,cci.CityName & ', ' & cco.CountryName AS CustomerCity
,e.FirstName & ' ' & e.LastName AS Salesperson
,s.CompanyName AS Shipper
,d.UnitPrice * d.Quantity * (1-d.Discount) AS Amount
FROM Orders o
, Customers c, Cities cci, Countries cco
, Employees e, Shippers s
, OrderDetails d, Products p
WHERE o.CustomerID = c.CustomerID
AND c.CityCode = cci.CityCode
AND c.CountryCode = cci.CountryCode
AND c.CountryCode = cco.CountryCode
AND o.EmployeeID = e.EmployeeID
AND o.ShipVia = s.ShipperID
AND o.OrderID = d.OrderID
AND d.ProductID = p.ProductID
AND YEAR(o.OrderDate) = YEAR('$ReportMonth-01')
AND MONTH(o.OrderDate) = MONTH('$ReportMonth-01')
ORDER BY 1, o.OrderID, d.ProductID

These sample reports are generated by XLReportGen (Report Generator for Microsoft Excel). The sample reports in Microsoft Excel spreadsheet format can be download for your report templates, and changed to adapt to your own needs. It is free.

Download the report samples in Microsoft Excel spreadsheet format  XLS (293KB)


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